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1) Position: HR– (night shift - work in our office) JOB DESCRIPTION The objective of the position: develop policy, coordinate human resources...
1) Position: HR– (night shift - work in our office)
The objective of the position: develop policy, coordinate human resources activities, such as recruiting, employment, payroll, compensation, labor relations, and benefits.
- Implementing and revising the company’s policies related to HR: compensation; performance evaluation; personal development, professional development.
- Create, analyze, and update the company's salary budget.
- Responsible for the entire recruitment process.
- Conducting new employee orientations and exit interviews.
- Participate in the organization of events for the company.
- Work with management and staff to maintain a positive, productive, and equitable working environment.
- Overseeing, monitoring, training, evaluating team members; managing and performing all matters related to Recruitment & Selection, Manpower Planning, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Relations, Employee Communications, Payroll & Productivity Management & People Management, Addressing legal issues.
- Have prior experience in HR companies
- Excellent planning and analytical abilities;
- well-organized, with a strong sense of accountability and teamwork;
- Be flexible and quick to adapt to new situations.
- Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint);
- Must be fluent in English
- Salary: 10,300,000 VND . After training = 13,800,000 VND
- Insurance plans and other benefits are guaranteed.
- Bonus for 13th salary
The office is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.

2) Position: Warehouse Clerk (Night shift)
*️Salary: Starting pay 10,300,000 VND
After training up to 13,800,000 VND depending on English skill level and independence level. (for night shift)
Work environment: Night Shift ‪10:30 PM to 7:30 AM
Work in our office - Nha Trang city
- Job Type: Full-time( 5 days/week Monday to Friday )
- Job Requirement
* Provide excellent customer service
* Utilize our system to track, trace, follow up, release cargo, and deliver shipments
* Review shipping documents, and client billing for consistency and accuracy
* Ensure clients/customers receive documents promptly and on time
* Follow up with clients/customers with updated shipment information and availability
* Work with customs brokerage to ensure entry/clearance of shipments
* Work well in a team environment and within global offices network
- Strengths
Attention to detail, excellent organization, ability to work quickly and accurately under pressure, and have the ability to work well in a team environment.
- Experience:
* Strong English speaking and writing skills
* Computer Skill
- Education:
* Bachelor's (Preferred)

Email: chrisnguyenwcl@gmail.com

Nguồn tin: nhatrangclub.vn

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