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I am open to new opportunities in Job Description Writing. However, this is not a normal JD writing position. My work will help you to find and hire...
I am open to new opportunities in Job Description Writing. However, this is not a normal JD writing position. My work will help you to find and hire top performers quickly. Look at our current JD components that consist of required skills and experiences, academics, competencies, personality traits, and a piece of duties and responsibilities. It is more a People Description than a job description. Instead, we need to clearly define what the person will DO in terms of ACCOMPLISHMENTS to get the DESIRED RESULTS that make this person PERFORM the job successfully. We apply a performance-based hiring process that allows you to look for multiple examples of the person's past achievements during the employment history. The hiring is now an evidence-based process to collect the facts and figures of the candidate's past achievements comparable to your desired performance objectives for this position. By applying this game-changing method, the results will surprise you.

Contact me for further discussion on this role: writevudoan5.0@gmail.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vuiamme/
I’m open to new opportunities in International Non-Governmental Organizations | Education projects | Talent Acquisition | Personal Development & Spiritual Development

Freelance Recruitment | Education Project Sponsorship Management | Portfolio Coordination | International Coordination | Staff Training

Profile Summary
  • 3+YOE as a Freelance & Partner Recruiter
  • 14+YOE of Sponsorship Development in an INGO specializing in developing education projects in Southeast Asia
  • Have visited and stayed short-term in Cambodia, China [Sichuan], India, Laos, the Philippines, France, Switzerland, and Thailand for my work
  • Increased the number of sponsors from 1,500 to 6,300+ sponsors
  • Developed and delivered a quality newsletter for 16 sponsored projects
  • Managed 24 projects in 04 countries, of which 16 sponsored projects
  • Managed active status of 94 projects in the organization at the international level with updated documents, maps, photos & videos
Headhunting Skills
 Talent Sourcing  Talent Management  Resume Writing & Review
 Employment Orientation  Recruiter On-boarding  Client Relations
 Data Curation  Talent Networking  Job Market Research
 Virtual Office  LinkedIn Recruiter  Recruiting Firms
 Startup  Customer Service  Quality Assurance
 Applicant Tracking System  Hiring & Sourcing Planning  Performance-Based Hiring
 Performance Profile Writing  Job Ads Writing  Job Postings - Job Platforms
 Job Summary Writing  Pre-hire Performance Review
 Exploratory Phone Screen  Performance-based Job Descriptions Development
 Quality of Hire Talent Scorecard  Performance-based Hiring Interviewing Process
 Career Discussion & Orientation  Evidence-based Candidate Assessment

English: Professional Working Proficiency
French: Professional Working Proficiency

Nguồn tin: nhatrangclub.vn

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